Françoise Hardy

Lost in a beautiful garden with Vita….

holy fuck there is only 6 more days till my birthday! :0


Alpaca godess

dreacat asked yoooo! we should help Heidi with her wedding plans.(from church sorry dont know how you spell her name).. she is trying to do it on her own and has no idea how to and has no one to help her... we can put it in our resume


omg yess!! we can help out hey when are you free we need to hang out!! when is she getting married?

she said she doesn’t know yet. she said it depends on the place but i said well the place depends on the date… i seriously think we need to get together and talk about it cause i don’t think she has a clue on how to do this.¬†


i don’t remember where i left my Exacto razor blade… i was using just the blade to cut some stuff on my bed and now i don’t remember where i left it. oh well ill take the risk…

Goodnight i hope i wake up in the morning